Mashi Craft Centre

The Mashi Craft Market is located next to the filling station at Kongola. The craft centre is supplied by 11 community groups throughout the Caprivi and currently totals 375 people. Seven women from the Choi area that made necklaces to sell for income started the initiative in 1997. They later started working with the IRDNC who provided them with training in the use of natural resources for making various crafts and also quality control to ensure that their products were up to standard. They were also sent to Ghansi in Botswana to receive training from a community in basket weaving. The initiative has seen great success since its inception and now receives orders from the National Art Gallery and also has an outlet in Windhoek.

The crafters makes a range of products including using grasses to make reed mats and baskets, beaded necklaces made from natural seeds, woodcarvings and drums, and fish traps. Each of the 11 communities has a ‘master weaver’ that teaches the skill to other members of the community.

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