Msouthern Tavern

Dawn’s describes the business:

“This business started as ‘ispoti’ well known as kwa-Dawn. We used to close when the police were raiding taverns because we did not have licence to sell liquor. All this happened approximately twenty years ago. It was tough during those days because people were fighting and causing all sorts of crimes in the place.”

“But now this tavern is really a place to be. Last year we had visitors from overseas, that day we had promotion of Amarula showing the tourists what we do in Africa and they were really amazed. That was the first time we had World Summit visitors. We had lots of events like the promotion of all liquors that we sell.”

“Our latest event that happened to us is the Smirnoff Company built for us a new cabinet for our stock free of charge. Guest what? The amount in budget for us was about R20 000 – that was the biggest present we ever had!”

If you are looking for pure enjoyment, fun, joy and laughter, Southern Tavern is a place to be.


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