Nayuma Museum

Nayuma museum is a non-governmental community institution serving the people of Western Province of Zambia. It is an important institution to the Lozi people in an effort to preserve their cultural heritage. It is managed through an Interim Board and His Majesty the Litunga is the museum’s patron.

The Museum is situated in Limulunga the winter residence of the Litunga of western province 16km north Mongu, 600km from Lusaka. It is associated with National Museums Board and also participants in regional and international activities.

The museum performs a mult-disciplinary role. It’s professional function consists of research, collect, preserve, document and present the culture and history of the people of western province of Zambia for the education and enjoyment of the public.  Visitor services include interpretation of heritage through exhibition in the public gallery and lectures by the education staff.

The Nayuma museum houses craft and a curio shop stocking baskets, crafts etc. The craft shop serves three purposes:

  • An income generating activity (revolving funds for continued operations);
  • Preserve traditional artifacts; and
  • Community income generating activity.

Nayuma dance troupe is a product of the museum created to entertain the public. Nayuma museum was initially planned to play an incidental role of providing entertainment and crafts sales to tourists during annual kuomboka ceremony. The vision to start Nayuma museum was rooted in 1978. In 1983 the plans for the museum were finalized and construction of buildings commenced. It received considerable funding and aid from public and other donor agencies particularly Norwegian Agency for International Co-operation (NORAD).

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