Ocean View Hotel

The location of Ocean View Hotel is truly unique and it offers an authentic experience, combined with South African traditional hospitality. Easily accessible on a tarred road all the way from Umtata, Ocean View allows adventure seekers an opportunity to enjoy the luxury of hotel accommodation while exploring the wide-open spaces of this unspoilt region.

The wide range of outdoors activities include:

  • Cling to your seat 4×4 excursions along the rugged coastline;
  • Invigorating hikes along the cliffs towering above the sea;
  • Excellent rock and surf angling; and
  • Diving and snorkelling.

And if adrenaline rushes aren’t part of your holiday plans, Ocean View’s the place to relax and sooth your soul:

  • Snooze in the sun beside the sparkling swimming pool;
  • Be lulled to sleep by the constant ebb and flow of the sea;
  • Watch the dolphins at play in the bay;
  • Borrow a book in the library and read in the gardens;
  • Enjoy a drink and convivial company at the jetty Beach Bar – just a stone’s throw from the waves;
  • Stroll along a pristine beach and feel the wind in your hair;
  • Go bird-watching in the coastal forest;
  • Marvel at nature at a nearby Mangrove swamp; and
  • Watch the sun set over the sea from a vantage point on the majestic Mapuzi Cliffs.


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