Outsiders B&B

After travelling around the world, launching weather balloons in Antarctic blizzards, crossing the Congo in a dug-out canoe and visiting all seven continents, Ian and Katrin eventually decided to settle down as outsiders in the small Karoo town of Nieu-Bethesda – around the corner from the Owl House and down the road from the pub.

When Open Africa last visited Ian and Katrin had prior dinner arrangements, but left the restaurant and kitchen open and encouraged us to help ourselves to the kudu and ‘afval‘ (tripe) pots, freshly home baked bread and whatever we felt like in the pantry with all its homemade delicacies. After our meal we just pulled the door closed and left it unlocked. While walking to our accommodation through the dead quiet streets that night, my experienced travelling companion remarked that this could be a place for him to settle as well.   

The Outsiders B&B is a perfect place from which to explore Nieu-Bethesda’s Owl House, fossils, The Mountain Zebra Park, Compass Mountain, Karoo Craft and, most important, your own soul.

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