Phamang (Disabled) Project

This project has different crafts products, from beadwork to paper maché containers, with beads as decoration. They are also small farmers and grow spinach, beetroot, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. The project is for the physically, as well as mentally disabled, but is also open to those that have no disabilities.

Their products are sold locally and they are especially supported by government officials.

Setoaba was injured by a train accident and lost the use of both his legs. Unable to continue his regular work, he ended up at home but decided not to give up. He started attending meetings and workshops in order learn more about starting a project. He then got a group together and approached Miss Patricia Mahlo who advised them that they would first need to start with training.

Together with some others they started training in a small room in their backyard. The group asked for aid from the government and a group of teachers from Polokwane trained the group Business Management and Cultivation for Small Farming. As a result of their hard work and determination, they are making good progress.

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