Phambili Visually Impaired People Vangane

Phambili was formed as a small industrial organization which specialises in manufacturing of candles, detergents and cane weaving. Its founders are visually impaired people who have been trained by the society for the blind. They have formed this organisation to serve as a form of employment and skills development for all of those who are visually impaired in the township of Khayelitsha.


  • The aim of this project is to empower disabled and able people;
  • To uplift and raise the standard of their members and make people aware of the existance of the organization;
  • To provide job opportunities to their family members; and
  • To alleviate poverty and create employment for the visually impared.

Their crafts include:

  • Leather making – belts, handbags, keyholders, Bible covers, etc;
  • Candle manufactering – these include aroma candles;
  • Detergent and disinfectants manufactering;
  • Cane weaving – these include baskets, laundry baskets, waste paper bins, etc; and
  • Bead making.
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