Poppy Magic

“I am Jill Charlotte, a web designer, artist and photographer. Poppy Magic is a new Iceland Poppy variety only available in this area of Howick in the Natal Midlands.
Throughout the ages, the poppy flower has been an inspiration for many artists. It has been named the flower bringing joy and that it does! My life changed immeasurably when I was given some poppy seedlings in the summer of 2004 by a dear friend, which I planted out in my Howick garden. As they grew and slowly started flowering, I was completely taken aback by the impact and beauty of the wide range of the blooms and so started enthusiastically taking hundreds of digital photos which I made into cards and pictures. Then followed open days here where the public could see the different products being made, while enjoying the garden full of flowers.
This of course led to even more interest in the flowers and the magic spread. This last year of 2005 I had double the number of poppy beds and more open days and exhibitions. My passion for these exquisitely fragile, beautiful, unique flowers never ends but grows each month. It is love affair that is timeless.
I want to share the experience with you and as many people as possible so I am displaying the current pictures available in the form of cards and different sized prints. In this way even though the season may change and the flowers are not with us, they live on in these pictures.
You are so welcome to visit me and to view these and of course if in season the poppies in my garden.”

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