At the beginning of the twentieth century Jacob Weber, a Rhenish missionary, and James Rattray, a Stellenbosch butcher acquired a portion of the farm Blaauwklippen, situated on the R44 towards Somerset West. The land was divided into 25 large plots, which were leased to members of the Rhenish Church and eventually became their property. Over the years these properties have been handed down from farther to son, thus maintaining a strong family village atmosphere.

Jamestown was one of the first places in the Cape where strawberry farming was conducted on a large scale and the streets are named after strawberry cultivars.

Attractions in Jamestown:


Jamestown has the richest concentration of Cape Malay culture on the whole of Route 360 and travellers interested in the history will be able to meet with people here and sample some of the finest Cape Malay cuisine the Stellenbosch area has to offer. The community of Jamestown is surrounded by beautiful mountains and visitors will enjoy their visit to this picturesque community.

Arts & Crafts:

Jamestown isn’t known for its arts and crafts, but the community does boast a fashion design and dressmaking business, a furniture-maker as well as an artist specialising in fine art and frames. Travellers looking for something uniquely different might find this worth checking out.


There aren’t many activities in the community but there are plenty of great outdoor activities to take advantage of in the surrounding mountains, such as hiking, mountain biking and more.

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