Ratho Bush Camps

Ratho Bush Camps is located west of Pontdrif on the border between South Africa and Botswana. It is an ideal stopover for tourists travelling into Botswana and who want to have an early start.

Ratho offers accommodation in three camps:

  • Tented Camp – This camp is situated on the banks of the Limpopo River, under the shade of a huge Nyala Berry tree and can accommodate up to twelve people;
  • Mopani Camp – Situated high on a sandstone hill, overlooking the indigenous mopani veld (bush), this camp lets you experience sunsets over the Limpopo Valley; and
  • Ana Tree and 4×4 Camps – For the adventurous camping enthusiasts. This camp is situated on the bank of the Limpopo River and has very limited facilities. Own camping equipment required.

Ratho also has an operational crocodile farm. On average, there are 4 000 – 5000 crocodiles on the Rakwena croc farm. While crocodile skins are exported mainly to Europe and the East, the meat of the crocodile is a delicacy and is also exported. They also have a very rare ‘White Crocodile’ on the farm.

They have a Croc Shop where croc meat and hand made crocodile and other leather items are sold.


  •     Crocodile tours;
  •     Bird-watching;
  •     Game-viewing, including night drives;
  •     4×4 routes; and
  •     Insight into game farming.
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