Siyabonga Homestay

In Japie’s own words:

“I’ve worked for forestry for 20 years and have developed a love for the forests around us. This encouraged me to start a tourism business.”

Siyabonga can accommodate up to six people in this lively, friendly family environment. There is running water, a flush toilet and electricity. People can go for walks in the pine or indigenous forests around the house. Japie is in the process of arranging a permit from DWAF (Department of Water Affairs and Forestry) so that he will be able to conduct walking tours into the indigenous forests where he will tell people more about the plant and animal life within the forests. The tour will also include a visit to a unique water feature where people can swim and relax. Possible visits can be arranged into the Pine forests where trees are chopped, providing a unique experience of the working of a forestry community. 

If people are interested in traditional singing and dancing, they must arrange in advance with Japie, and he will organise a small, informal show. Japie also makes woodcrafts, and has a number of items for sale, including spice and coat racks, and toys. Doors and gates can be made to order. Japie plans on opening a backpackers facility sometime in the near future.

Siyabonga Homestay served breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Visitors can enjoy guided forest walks;
  • Visit the waterfalls and enjoy lovely forest picnics; and
  • Visit the local Community College Campus.


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