Sorris Sorris Information Centre & Kiosk

Soris Soris Conservancy was named after the Khoekhoegowab phrase for an ‘abundance of sunlight’. It is set in the Kunene region and the conservancy’s geographical features are an arid area receiving 100mm average annual rainfall. Sparse grass cover and trees, mostly along the dry river courses. Landscape of hills and plains descending towards the scenic Ugab River.

The Ugab River is an important feature within the conservancy. Major wildlife resources are elephants, leopards, black rhinos, cheetahs, mountain zebras, kudus, gemsboks, ostriches, springboks, steenboks, duikers and giraffes.

Management of the conservancy is vested in a management committee of five men and four women, staff of three community game guards, one liaison officer and one project coordinator; wildlife monitoring using annual road-based count and Event Book monitoring system. In an effort to generate income, the Soris Soris Conservancy is involved in a joint-venture tourism agreement with Matisa Lodge; trophy hunting; shoot-and-sell hunting and own-use hunting.

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