Thanda Private Game Reserve

“Born from a dream to create harmony between man and nature, an exclusive hideaway awaits those who dare to share this dream…”

Thanda (which means ‘love’ in Zulu) is a resort where guests can relax and enjoy the rich natural surrounds, while enjoying exclusive, personal service. The hosts’ aim is to strengthen both body and soul with memories that will energise long after guests have left. As one of the most exclusive lodges in Africa, Thanda offers the most extensive experience of the magical Zulu and their culture.

The nine state-of-the-art villas, each with a fireplace and heated pool, sala and boma, offer the best the hospitality industry has to offer. Wild, yet gentle; rugged, yet refined, the tented camp offers a luxurious escape into nature for a select few. The wellness centre takes heed of the body and mind’s desire for inner peace. A traditional kraal ensures the sustainability of the Zulu culture – ensuring job creation and an ongoing interest in the Zulu heritage.

The personal service is far-reaching and the location on the Elephant Coast provides many adventure possibilities – with easy access by road or air.

“A new heartbeat is heard … Thanda!  Thanda!  Thanda!
Share the buzz of excitement at the dawning of a new game reserve.”

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