Thandi’s Tour Guide

“Get to know Port St Johns, hire Thandi” says the friendly tour guide, Thandi Smiley, who is one of the first tour guides in Port St Johns.

Thandi can be found near the entrance to Bulolo camp at Second Beach and his tours start at 10:00am M’Pondo time, which basically means, ‘African time’.

Thandi will take you to all or any of the following areas for a tour:

  • The Gap and Blow Hole;
  • Eziko and Pondo People crafts;
  • Umgazi bungalows;
  • Transkei National museum;
  • Isinuka Sulphur spring;
  • Isilaka Nature Reserve;
  • Sugarloaf Beach; and
  • Agate Terrace and Long beach.

Thandi is also swimming and diving instructor with his own rod for fishing expeditions and can also give a crash course in Xhosa for beginners.

Thandi’s advice and tips to visitors and tourists are:

  • This is The Wild Coast – enjoy it, don’t destroy it;
  • Keep Transkei beautiful – don’t litter; and
  • Take care of your valuables (don’t leave them unattended on the beach).

So do not hesitate to ask for Thandi’s Tour Guide experience at the Bulolo Camp site when visiting Port St Johns.

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