The Estate Private Hotel

With the discovery of diamonds in 1887, Kimberley was created and with it the great wealth of the empires of this diamond era. In 1907, 7 Lodge Road, Belgravia, designed by G.W. Greatbatch, as a wedding present for Mary Oppenheimer.

Today the house stands as a tribute to the great diamond days. Through the years it has witnessed many historic events, as well as the birth of Harry Oppenheimer on 28 October 1908, and his younger brother, Frank in 1910. In 1914 Sir Ernest Oppenheimer became mayor of Kimberley and he sold the property in 1915.

The Estate was opened to the public as a private hotel on 5 June 1997. It is located in the historic suburb of Belgravia and is close to other historical attractions like Dunluce, McGregor Museum, Duggan Cronin Gallery and Kimberley Girl’s High School.

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