The Red Tap Pub & Grill

The Red Tap Pub & Grill is an old English style pub and restaurant. There is a separate non-smoking area and secure parking is available.

The Red Tap Pub & Grill occupies one of Howick’s oldest buildings, known as ‘Granny Ford’s Cottage’. George Ford rebuilt the Howick Falls Hotel in 1872 after a fire damaged much of the original building. It is thought that he built this cottage for his Mother at about the same time.

After the British defeat by the mighty Zulu army at the battle of Isandhlwana in 1879, the people of Howick under the direction of Sir George Morris Sutton, built a laager wall to protect the village from possible attack. Granny Ford’s cottage was used as the armoury until danger passed.

The Red Tap Pub & Grill is within easy walking distance of Howick Falls and the Gorge Walk.

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