Thole Tours

Gerald describes his business in is own words:

My business came up to me because I was unemployed. And I also wanted to show the tourists the other side of Africa. I myself stay in the township, so I know about all the people because I was also born in the township. I sometimes feel that the tourist want to share their holiday with disadvantaged people. I take tourists to different places, around the township, who I can mention my house to, meet my 92 year old granny.”

Gerald can share a lot on the history of the township from the time it started up to today. Visitors on the tour can also purchase crafts and lunch, dinner or musical entertainment could be organized, but bookings should be made in advance.

In terms of security issues, Gerald explains that, “Tourists are all warmly welcomed in the townships. I want to say that the townships are very much safer with me as a guide.”

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