Township Clay Experience – Hosted by Proudly Macassar Pottery

Township Clay Experience is a social enterprise that exists to upskill and employ youth who have not finished school, while producing musical instruments and other products from clay.

On offer:

We produce the UDU – a West African clay drum – and the African Ocarina – an easy-to-play flute for all ages. We are also now adding Coffee Drippers – easy-to-use, one-cup coffee filtration system.

Prices for the African Ocarina start at R120.00, and UDU’s start at R350.00.

Township Clay Experience:

Ideal for those who want to learn something from locals!

  • Play! Let a local show you how to make a basic shape from clay;
  • Music! Be part of a drumming circle and learn how to create sound from the ground – literally! Learn how to play the UDU (an african clay drum) and African Ocarina clay flute;
  • Paint! Paint a flute as a gift to take home – the flute is from Africa, the decoration is from your heart. Great gift idea!
  • Shop! Our range of musical instruments is uniquely Cape Town.

The full 2-hour Township Clay Experience starts from R200.00/person. Lunch consisting of various local delicacies can be arranged. 

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