TSiBA Eden Campus – Karatara

TSiBA Eden Campus is located in the heart of the rural village of Karatara, near Knysna. This is Africa’s first rural enterprise campus. The campus opened in January 2006 as the first operation arm of the Karatara Project and produced its first and second graduate groups at the end of 2007 and 2008. Eden Campus is an NGO and every student accepted receives two full scholarships, one for board and lodging and another for education.

This unique educational facility focuses on personal development and environmental sustainability. Here students from marginalized communities get the opportunity to receive quality tertiary education, which will prepare them for university.

Eden’s two year program is unique, in that it prepares students in such a way that they are actually enabled to participate in the South African economy when they graduate.

Key mission:

Uplifting young persons from impoverished, rural communities through education, entrepreneurial skills and relevant work experience.

We are focussed on three bottom-line outcomes for our students: When the students have completed our two year green business and academics bridging program, they are able to apply for and enter a university to further their education, or they are able to get a meaningful job and/or they are able to start their own entrepreneurial business or franchise.

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