Two Sparrows @ Bethany

This farm has a beautiful view of the Tsitsikamma. It offers farm-style self-catering accommodation, and an opportunity to experience the rewards of a simple sustainable lifestyle.

Visitors are invited to, “milk a cow, make some butter, yoghurt or cream cheese. Feed the animals; chickens, pigs and calves, geese… ever gathered a fresh egg or picked organically grown vegetables fresh from the soil in season? Hold the harness to the horse and take a cart ride through the orchards. Get your hands into some dough and enjoy hot bread with homemade butter and jam.”

The experience offers the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture, permaculture, animal husbandry, pigs and chickens, tractors, solar fruit drying and the derivation of hot water from the sun. There are also interesting plant feeding systems, compost making, earthworm waste handling, food storage, home made drip systems, and keyhole garden beds.

And visitors do not have to go home empty-handed – they can take some of the products sold on the farm with them, like jams, rusks, relishes and craftworks.


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