Untouched Adventures

Untouched Adventures are a team of young people that have a love and passion for life and adventure. Our motivation is to impart a passion for life and adventure to others. Our desire is to constantly pioneer new and exciting adventure, places and new ways to explore them and to pursue excellence in everything we do.


  • Madagascar Dhow Island Adventure;
  • Kilimanjaro ‘To the roof of Africa‘;
  • Kayaking and Lilo.


Anyone with an inquiring mind and love of the water will find Tsitsikamma a true underwater treasure just waiting to be explored! The Storms River National Park is a marine protected area filled with an abundance of marine life. No matter what your experience level, newbie or pro – you can choose between taking a Dive Master guided dive, by shore-entry or boat, rent all the gear you need or just have your cylinder filled. You can even order your own gear to purchase or just to hire for next day delivery from our Scuba Catalogue! The four hour Discovery Course gives beginners a real taste for scuba diving without a Diving Qualification, while the Open Water Course will, on successful completion, qualify you to dive anywhere in the world up to 18m.


Imagine moving across the ocean’s surface, marveling at the spectacular underwater world from above! Chase fish over the reefs, spot rays on the bed of the ocean and get away from the rush of the world by experiencing a day under the sea. Exploring this kind of splendor is truly possible and an ideal adventure for the whole family. Guided snorkel trips are also available.

*Contact us for multiple dive packages, dive courses and combined adventure packages.

Group adventure:

We can tailor adventure packages to suit your groups’ needs and combining adventure activities and team-building principles. Packages can include combinations of kayaking, lilo-ing, boat rides, hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling presented with motivational, team-building and leadership values and principles.


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