Wonkumntu Handcraft Centre

This is a group of traditional healers, arts and crafters and people who perform traditional activities such as dancing to entertain audiences.  Wonkumntu Handcraft Centre was started in 2001 and it is located about 2km from the Umtata Ultra Shell service station.

Some of the projects include: beadwork, traditional ware, and there is also a bed and breakfast establishment.  The Traditional Dance Group is called Sivuyile Nomzamo Traditional Dance. 

This is an ensemble, which is composed of different traditional dances such as:

  • Ibhundela;
  • Amagqirha; and
  • Indlom.

The Sivuyile Group was started in 1976 and it has travelled widely throughout South Africa and even overseas to France, Germany, Brazil and the Philippines in East Asia.

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