Woodcliffe Country House & Cave Trails

Woodcliffe Country House & Cave Trails is situated on Woodcliffe Farm 22km from Maclear, along the Naude’s Nek road towards Rhodes. The farm has been in the Sephton family for 120 years and is known to be one of the most scenically beautiful farms in the area – there is presently an application for Woodcliffe to be declared a private nature reserve.

Woodcliffe is the last inhabited farm before the high Drakensberg … so the road literally stops on Woodcliffe. The farm has proudly hosted many prestigious guests over the years.


  • Woodcliffe Cottage: a beautifully appointed thatched cottage with three bedrooms;
  • Woodcliffe Farmhouse : a Swiss style chalet in which the Sephton family lives: Two bedrooms are available for guests, with access to a private bathroom;
  • Hiking facilities : overnight at Toks cave / ReedPark hut /Wide Valley hut . All of these are part of the Five day/four night high Drakensberg hiking trail.


  • Self-guided hikes in the foothills of the Drakensberg and high Drakensberg;
  • Trout fishing;
  • Horse riding by arrangement with Adele Moore;
  • Dinosaur footprints nearby;
  • Guided rock art tours – Theta accredited guides available;
  • Guided nature walks to the wild Drakensberg flowers – summer only; and
  • Bushman tool collection available at Woodcliffe farmhouse.

The unique features of Woodcliffe are its pristine beauty, the high sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, crystal clear streams which are ideal for swimming in and its wooded cliffs that are covered with yellowwoods and stinkwoods.

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