Loeriesfontein is a small town in the Northern Cape and falls within what is known as the Hantam region and is situated within a basin surrounded by mountains. Nobody is quite sure if the town was named after the Loerie bird (Turacu Corythaix) or after a travelling Jewish salesman with the surname Luri.

Southwestern Loeriesfontein forms part of the wider Namaqualand, an area which is well known for its beautiful spring flowers and also for its great variety of approximately 4,000 different plants.  Most of these plants can be found in the vacinity of Loeriesfontein.

During August and September, after good and timely rains, the beautiful scenery of the spring flowers can be seen in town itself on empty plots, the golf course and on the Kliprand and Calvinia roads.  Flower season sometimes lasts until October, depending on when the rain came. October is the month for ‘vygies’ (Mesembrianthemum) with large areas covered in lilac, pink and red.


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