Alphendale Arts & Crafts Developers

This project at the school is accommodated in the motor workshop, where an area has been set aside for ceramic work and another for fabric painting. They plan on setting aside an area for metalwork and welding in the near future. The items are all made by learners of the school and include mugs, ornaments and other ceramic ware. These items are then sold to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the students.

The project initially started as an art development class, earmarked for troubled youth of the area, but soon developed to include not only drawing but painting too. In 2000 ceramics was introduced and later pottery. The project was initiated by Mr. Mark Jacobs who realised that there was a lot of hidden talent amongst the learners, and also being creative, he took the initiative to develop the project to where it is today.

In 2003 he also introduced fabric painting and in 2004 started training learners to act as facilitators in rural areas in order to encourage more people to develop their skills. The project is funded completely by the school.

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