Aqua Events Management and Training

Aqua Event Management is a company that has been operating from Port Elizabeth over the past four years. Its success can be grounded in its personalized, flexible and professional service that it provides all its clients. We pride ourselves with what we have accomplished and the high standard of service that we have delivered to all our clients.

Part of our achievements over the past years is our utilization of community members and organizations in the achievement of our goals and functions. Wherever possible, we have tried to utilize local community members, thus giving the local community economically viable work. This has proved very successful.

Aqua Events Management and Training provides a more unique integrated package of services to commercial and government industrial sectors and provide better value to the market place, added value to clients with the emphasis on relationship building quality commitment and economies of scale turnkey business management.


  • Events design and management;
  • Project development and management; and
  • Marketing and communications.
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