Bel Don Goose Down Products

Bel Don Goose Down Products is situated across the Tourism Bureau in Long Street. The shop sells goose down products and cotton percale bed linen.

The goose’s heat regulator:

Down is the goose’s heat regulator and can be found on the back and breast of the goose. Down consists of thousands of feathery fibres called plumes. When it is cold, these fibres prevent the body heat from escaping and when it is hot it retains the moisture keeping the goose cool. Down is therefore a better insulation than polyester because it breathes and provides a good night’s rest. No material manufactured by man gives a better insulation than down.

Why is the DOWN of Bel Don Goose Down Products so special?

All the down used in the products is carefully hand plucked. The down and feathers are sterilised by a special method and dried in the sun, making the products 100% hypoallergenic. 

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