Berg Venture

Since 1970 Bergventure was run by the FAK, but a few years ago it was bought by Fernwood Lodge. Now, after a few changes, this beautiful centre caters for the needs of this Rainbow Nation. Visitors will be amazed by the beautiful views that overlooks the Sterkspruit Falls.

Activities on offer:

  • Abseiling;
  • Extreme climbing;
  • Raft building;
  • Zipline;
  • Cave sleepovers;
  • Various hikes;
  • Nature- and Bushmen studies;
  • Creative- and leadership workshops;
  • Crazy games;
  • Drama exercises;
  • Mini Olympics;
  • Paintball war games;
  • Survival- and traditional zulu games;
  • Evenings around the bonfire; and
  • Teambuilding.
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