Blossom Crafters

Blossom Crafters is owned by two local women and was founded in 2001. They have vast experience in beading and produce a range of products from corporate conference bags, beaded lapel pins to beaded billy tins, glasses and even ties.

Their mission is to develop the skills of unemployed youth in the area and to create a work environment that is conducive to creating high-quality products whilst demonstrating a good work ethic. They strive to train and support their employees whilst generating income to sustain their business. They were invited to the 2003 WSSD, the Grahamstown Festival and also designed costumes for the opening of the SA Games in East London in 2004.

They also belong to the Buffalo City Crafters Initiative, which is an organised crafters guild that meets on a monthly basis to share ideas and support fellow crafters. They are proud of the fact that they support the development of youth and that they can be part of setting up a sustainable support system for previously disadvantaged individuals.  

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