Bush Camp

The Bush Camp is ideally isolated between the red dunes of the Kalahari, halfway between Ashkam and Andriesvale. The accommodation consists of traditionally made San huts and camping spots with a fully equipped kitchen area.

This is the perfect place to see the full moon rise over the dunes in complete serenity or to lose yourself in ritual San dancing around a camp fire until the early morning hours.

The campsite is surrounded by well laid out hiking trails that could be used to discover the hidden secrets of the Kalahari desert, under the expert guidance of a San master tracker. Without their guidance most of what is hidden will remain hidden and missed by the untrained eye.

In the morning the traditionally made grass showers provide you with a panoramic view of the desert and are sure to leave you with a tranquil readiness for the day ahead. Do not miss out on this not yet commercial opportunity to experience life and peace in its simplest form.

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