Complexo Palmeiras

Gaza Province is dominated by strings of inland lakes and nowhere are they more beautiful than at Bilene. This peaceful town, known as San Martino in the days of Portuguese Mozambique, is situated on a hill overlooking the sprawling waters of the Uembje Lagoon. It’s a massive stretch of water which is 8km wide and 27km long, plunging up to depths of 50m, but shallow near the shores, making it perfect for children.

Large numbers of flamingos and other water birds flock to the lagoon in summer to pluck the spoils from the shallow fringes of the saline water. For the rest of the year, Bilene is all about sailing, diving, fishing, water skiing, swimming and snorkelling.

The chalets are built of brick and have an en-suite bathroom with hot showers. Each chalet consists of two rooms with four beds with mattresses, a 220 Volt two pin plug point, lights, veranda, bed linen, fridge, table with chairs, braai (barbeque) area are included. The campsite has brick ablution facilities with hot and cold water, lights and power points.

Palmeiras is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts, such as jet-ski’s, waterskiing and parasailing, and more serene non-motorised sports such as paddle-ski’s, and windsurfing. The resort runs ferry trips across the lagoon to the sea.

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