Fun Farm Entertainment

“Our Oom Dirkie has a farm, Hi-ai, Hi-ai, ho!!”

Fun Farm Entertainment’s Adventure Camp is situated in the foothills of Amajuba Mountain, between Newcastle and Volksrust. With lots of fun they aim to teach children more about working with farm animals and nature, and for them to develop a love and appreciation for work and God’s creation.

Fun Farm caters for:

  • School camps;
  • Church camps;
  • Voortrekkerkamp;
  • Landsdienskamp; and
  • All other interested parties.

There are a wide variety of animals to see, including camels, exotic birds, African wild cats, porcupines, duiker, blesbuck, guinea-fowl, peacock and other poultry, sheep, cattle, horses, donkeys and ponies, emus, llamas, a variety of goat breeds ostriches, snakes, tortoises, rabbits, guinea-pigs … there are in fact too many to mention them all. 

Visitors can enjoy educational talks on domestic and exotic animals and reptiles, have rides on an oxwagon, a horsecart as well as on horses, ponies and donkeys, and participate in various farm activities such as milking a cow.

Activities at Fun Farm:

  • Bird-watching;
  • Horse and cart rides;
  • Foefie slide;
  • Mud fights;
  • Animal studies;
  • Camp concert (‘Camp Idol’);
  • Camel rides;
  • Zulu dances;
  • Marshmallow braai (barbeque);
  • Obstacle course;
  • Swimming in the farm dam;
  • Walking with llamas;
  • Night march – through the skeleton jungle; and
  • Participating in farm activities (milking a cow etc.)

Fun Farm’s accommodation includes a safe place to sleep for boys and girls, complete with ablution facilities. For adults accompanying the children there is an en-suite chalet.

What to bring when visiting Fun Farm:

  • Enough clothing (farm use);
  • Sleeping bag / warm blanket;
  • Towel;
  • A hat;
  • Bible (optional);
  • Own eating utensils;
  • Torch;
  • Toiletries;
  • Warm jacket / jersey;
  • Notebook and pen; and
  • Raincoat.

Besides the camps, Fun Farm has a wide range of other activities to offer visitors. Ever wondered what is was like crossing Africa before the internal combustion engine?  Well if you are interested in doing something different and having a great social time at the same time, why not join the ‘GROOT, Groot Trek’!

The Groot Groot Trek – The trek to beat all treks!

Held every year along trails in the shadow of Majuba Mountain, the Groot, Groot Trek is a grand social occasion involving ox wagons, pony carts, donkey carts, horses, camels, emu and most of all people!

If you are interested in joining in a couple of days of wandering through stunning scenery and camping on the veld then give Fun Farm a call!

“If you cannot come to us, then we can come to you!”

Fun Farm Entertainment has long experience of visiting shows all over the country.  They can bring camels, miniature ponies, pony traps, even their children’s farmyard ‘Klein Plaas’. The package includes their popular educational talks to young children, and anyone elsevisiting your show. These talks are very popular as arena features during the morning when groups of school children are visiting and the talks are given in an entertaining manner involving the children and the animals.

Fun Farm has a wide variety of horse drawn traps and spiders fit for every stylish occasion, be it weddings, matric farewells, anniversaries or any special occasions.

Fun Farm  will arrange to bring its horses and carts to chosen venues wherever they may be in South Africa.

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