Jansu and Maureen Huisamen have accommodation for up to 30 people in well equipped self-catering cottages. There is a swimming pool and large communal braai (barbecue) area.

The farm is on top of the Gifberg (Poison Mountain) which gets its name from the gifboom (poison tree) that is endemic to the area. San hunter-gatherers used to use the seeds to poison their arrows. The only way up the mountain is along a steep and narrow pass that branches off the N7 highway approximately 15km south of Van Rhynsdorp. From the N7 it takes about half an hour to the farm on a well signposted dirt road.

There are several hiking trails on the property. Two sites with exceptionally well preserved rock paintings can be seen on the trail that follows the river downstream from the farm house. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the first rock shelter, and the second one is only a few minutes further on. Be prepared to wade or hop across the river if it is flowing strongly. The paintings include an unusual healing scene with a group of seated people covered in yellow and red cloaks. Close inspection will show that some are bleeding from the nose and others are laying hands on their companions to draw out the arrows of sickness. There is a row of medicine bags above them. If you wish to walk a further hour or more, the trail leads eventually down to the confluence with the Doring River. Some less well-preserved paintings can be seen close to the farmhouse.

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