Harry Jacks Family Restaurant

Harry Jack’s Family Restaurant offers diners a wide choice of scrumptious starters, mouth watering main courses and delicious deserts every day of the week. The restaurant is in one of the original Howick houses and the more than 100 year old building has been carefully restored to preserve its historic significance. Diners may eat inside the lovely old house or on the magnificent deck overlooking the shady garden.

The story of Harry Jack’s is quite simple, not made of legend or fancy but rather of family ties and respect. Harry was a farmer of small scale, not much more than subsistence. His means of livelihood often was often superseded by his passion for life, which after serving King and Country in WW11, was unbounded. Family and friends came first for Harry Jack and after the day’s duties were over he would retire to his barn to ferment, brew or distill whatever was available; from Marigold wine to odious bitters, Harry Jack nurtured his precious liquids and when the time came for tasting Harry’s barn was open to all.

Family and friends arrived and the old gabled barn was filled with the sound of laughter, village politics and gossip.  As glasses were raised and platters of food were brought from the farmhouse kitchen Harry’s hospitality earned him respect and recognition. In memory of Harry Jack as the Great Grandad, we hoped to pass on his name to our first born child….but the name wasn’t quite right for a little girl!! So we gave his name to the next best thing, our restaurant.

“Welcome to Harry Jack’s ….where legendary hospitality lives on”.

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