Ietsie Bietsie

Ietsie Bietsie was part of a group named Griekwa Fabric Painters that was made up of 12 people. It was necessary to break away as the group had become too big, and in 2002 four people started Ietsie Bietsie, each bringing their individual creative talents to the new company. The group’s strong creativity was expanded to include needlework, fabric painting and even baking.

Products and services:

  • Needlework:  Hand-painted duvet covers, curtains, cushion covers, ‘chair backs’, placemats, t-shirts, peg bags, dishcloth and laundry bags and wall hangings;
  • Crochet: Doilies, handbags, caps;
  • Dolls: Dolls to show the proud history of the Griekwa people, dressed in traditional Griekwa clothing;
  • Home Industry: Cakes, bread, pies, tarts, etc;
  • Handwork: – Candles with different colours and scents, gel and normal candles. The scented candles can be used as mosquito repellents;
  • Soaps: Different colours and shapes; and
  • Traditional hand-painted tablecloths and wall hangings with the Griekwa emblems and monument.
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