Iphiva Lodge

The Lodge:

The five roomed lodge is well equipped and the staff will do their best to look after any visitor at any time. Room service is available on request. Guests do need to bring their own bathroom towels. There are two inside toilets that guests share.


There is a restaurant at the lodge, and it offers breakfast and lunch, as well as french fries and take-aways throughout the day.

Lappa House (Bar):

This is a well decorated house for visitors to relax and enjoy a drink and soft music (jazz and fusion are the house specialities). The house is thatched with grass and handmade furniture decorated in an African style.  ‘Here one can enjoy a local life style and get the opportunity to meet local people. The environment will keep people coming back.’

Flower Garden:

There is a beautiful flower garden where visitors can relax and enjoy a drink. Chairs or logs can be used as seats and umbrellas are provided for hot days and rainy days. Garden parties with friends can be organized.

“Our growth and strength depends on your support’

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