Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Located near the Kalahari Desert, Jaci’s Lodges offers guests the diversity and wildlife of two magnificent ecosystems – thorny scrub and savannah grassland. This malaria-free safari destination is home to the Big 5 – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo, as well as cheetah, hippo, giraffe, wild dog and hyena.

Jaci’s Safari Lodge is part of the Open Africa Safari Collection, a selection of hand-picked safari lodges that are committed to the conservation of African wildlife, the environment and the development of local communities while offering authentic big game safari experiences. All our partners share revenue with Open Africa (at no extra cost to the traveller) thereby empowering you to be a responsible tourist. For enquiries and bookings please e-mail bronwen@openafrica.org.

Safari Experience at Jaci’s Safari Lodge:

Nestled in the 75 000 hectare Madikwe Game Reserve, Jaci’s Lodges offers incredible game-viewing for the African safari of a lifetime. Not only is Madikwe home to Africa’s top predators and larger grazing mammals, but a myriad of antelope species and other wildlife including 340 recorded bird species, all set on an exquisite backdrop of hills, mountains, wild grasses, weeping wattle and marula trees. Experience the thrill of a lion kill, the graces of an elephant herd, or the suspense of a wild dog hunt all from the comfort of an open safari vehicle. Return to your luxury safari lodge where your African safari experience will continue in comfort and style.

Of special mention are the Cape hunting dogs, also known as wild or painted dogs. This spectacular canid species is sadly endangered with less than 5000 living in protected areas; however Madikwe boasts a healthy population and continues to encourage growth of the Madikwe hunting packs. Wild dogs make for exhilarating game viewing and Madikwe wild dogs are accustomed to safari vehicles – they are extremely active and playful, and to sustain their habits must make an average of one kill per day. They are a loyal species, living in packs of 5-15 lead by an alpha male or female, and sharing their hunting spoils with all members of the pack including the injured and young. Also unique to wild dogs is that while other predators use stealth, wild dogs use stamina to hunt down their prey and the pack can chase a target for over 5km.

Madikwe guests will enjoy twice daily game drives in an open safari vehicle traversing roughly 75 000 hectares of pristine African wilderness. Game drives are scheduled when sighting are most frequent – in the early morning and late afternoon, lasting an average of three and a half hours. If a great sighting is made, it could last even longer.

Jaci’s Lodge safari guides or rangers are highly qualified and experienced with a wealth of knowledge on the local fauna, flora as well as on local customs, history, geology and geography. While out on safari, a two way radio system between the guides ensures that strict protocol is followed ensuring that sightings are not overcrowded and guests receive an exclusive safari experience.

Those seeking an extra special photographic safari are in luck as all rangers have undergone basic photographic training and parking lessons to ensure that guests obtain the best possible shots.

Sturdy land cruisers ensure guests are comfortable on road as well as when veering off-road to catch an extra special sighting, such as a big cat hunt or a group of playful young cubs.

Attention to detail such as hot water bottles and blankets on colder days, makes the safari experience that much more enjoyable. Morning drives include a half-way stop for a warm drink and home-baked goodies, and during evening game drives stop and enjoy the sunset with some drinks and snacks.

Wildlife Conservation & Social Upliftment:

In 1990 the 75 000 hectares that is now Madikwe Game Reserve consisted of struggling cattle and maize farms. In 1991, to put the land to better use and boost the local economy the land was declared by the government as a wildlife sanctuary and tourist destination – Madikwe Game Reserve – a three way venture between North West Parks and Tourism Board, the private sector, and local communities.

Over the next 6 years, Madikwe Game Reserve became one of the largest wildlife relocation projects in the world – Operation Phoenix – transporting approximately 10 000 animals representing 28 species, including an entire herd of elephant!

Madikwe Game Reserve is now home to over 60 mammal species including the Big 5 – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard – as well as hippo, giraffe, and endangered species such as wild dog, brown hyena, cheetah and black rhino. A myriad of antelope and other mammal species also abound, not to mention around 340 recorded bird species.

Jaci’s Staff Trust:

The Jaci’s Lodge team is comprised mostly of local community members, many with personal vested interest in the success of the lodges. After 5 years of employment staff members are offered shares in the business through Jaci’s Staff Trust. This serves to the successful running of the company, as well as to the upliftment of the local community.

Not only are staff members able to reap the financial reward of their efforts, they are also encouraged and enabled to develop skills and are afforded the opportunity to grow within the business through the use of a developmental programme run by the lodge.

Community service projects:

  • Recycling – in collaboration with Collect-a-Can, waste is sorted, compressed and taken to the recycling depot.
  • Education – Jaci’s Lodge is supportive of local community projects by supplying a variety of time, expertise and resources. Educational programmes on conservation and its importance are also run for local school children.
  • Khayelitsha Cookie Company – Jaci’s Lodges supports the Khayelitsha Cookie Company by offering guests their delicious assortment of cookies – the Cookie Company creates employment for single mothers in the Kayelitsha Township in Cape Town.

A three way venture for the benefit of all:

Madikwe Game Reserve is made up of three distinct bodies. The North West Parks and Tourism board ensures that infrastructure and operational management is in place and identifies areas suitable for lease to private, tourism based enterprises. The private sector sets up, markets and manages the lodges. Lodges serve the local communities through employment and growth of tourism in the area benefits the local economy. This model has been a success in transforming the area from struggling farmland into a thriving tourism destination based on social sustainability and wildlife conservation, and has been used as a stalwart example for other similar ventures in the country.


With eight tent-style rooms, as well as two exclusive family suites, the Safari Lodge is an ideal location to unwind and enjoy the tranquillity of the African bush.

Safari Lodge Rooms:

The Lodges eight well-appointed rooms invite the outdoors in with earthy African tones, offering guests the luxury of a private deck, outdoor shower and large mosaic bath. Traditional thatch roofs, low stone walls and canvas panels create a real safari feel, which is combined with vibrant colours and rich textures. Enjoy the spacious main lodge living areas and fireplace or gather with friends and family around a circular fire pit to share exciting bush experiences.

Safari Suite:

The Safari Family Suite accommodates up to four adults and four children, making it ideal for an intimate family safari getaway. The suite is equipped with its own private splash pool, deck and outdoor loungers, as well as a small private living area. Guests are also provided with the luxury of their own private guide and game drive vehicle.

Nare Suite:

The Nare Family Suite can accommodate up to 6 guests with an upstairs loft perfect for children. It is named after the resident buffalo bull which frequents the scenic waterhole close to the suite. Guests are treated to luxurious bathrooms each with handmade stone bathtub and outdoor shower. The suite has an outdoor dining area, a private swimming pool and viewing deck overlooking the waterhole below. Inside, a comfortable lounge affords guests the opportunity to rewind and relax, and a fully equipped kitchen allows for meals to be prepared and served privately.


  • From R2975.00 per person per night sharing;
  • Reserve fees are R150.00/adult per stay and R60.00/child per stay (12 years and younger).

Rates include:

Twice daily game drives, all meals, spacious bedroom (two king and six twin rooms available), bathroom with stone bath and outdoor shower, private deck, air-conditioning and fans, under floor heating and fireplace.

Jaci’s Tree Lodge:

Eight luxurious tree houses perched among the tree canopy and overlooking the Marico River – built on stilts and connected by wooden walkways, this lodge offers a unique and exclusive treetop experience.

Enjoy the view over the Marico River and delight in resident mongoose families playing along the banks below, or take in the magnificent panorama of birdlife in the leafy canopy as well as the odd mischievous squirrel. Each tree house suite is furnished with a mixture of vibrant colours and modern African elements, and sports a large balcony from which to enjoy the unique vantage point.

Jaci’s Tree Lodge is built from Rosewood and traditional thatch, blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings.  Enjoy the luxurious living spaces of the main lodge with a sundowner or a good book by the fireplace. A spacious dining area offers breakfast, lunch and high tea, while the boma offers the romance of traditional African dining.


  • From R2975.00 per person per night sharing;
  • Reserve fees are R150.00/adult per stay and R60.00/child per stay (12 years and younger).

Rates include:

Twice daily game drives, all meals, spacious bedroom (six king and two twin rooms available), en-suite bathroom with stone bath and outdoor shower, large balcony, air-conditioning and fans, under floor heating.


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