Kalwa Farm

Located approximately 15km northeast of Serenje boma, Kalwa Farm is a quiet spot with an interesting history. The farm was started by Malcolm Moffat, a name which might sound familiar for several reasons. If you have been to Serenje, you might recognize the name from the Malcolm Moffat College of Education, of one of the best teachers’ colleges in Zambia. The surname Moffat is also familiar to African history buffs as the maiden name of David Livingstone’s wife and a well-known family of missionaries in their own right. Malcolm Moffat was a nephew of Mary (Moffat) Livingstone.

The property was given to the Zambian Baptist Mission by the Moffat family in 1971 on the condition that they continue to take care of the family graveyard. The graveyard is located near the main house and is the final resting place for Malcolm Moffat, his wife and children. For over 20 years, the farm was managed by an American missionary, before he left Zambia in 1998.


The main house (which now serves as a guesthouse) was finished in 1939 and is classically colonial in style. A big brick structure, it is now divided into several rooms. Camping is also available. Some rooms are en-suite and the others have separate facilities. Hot water is available on request (from a Rhodesian boiler). The guesthouse is suitable for self-catering with a kitchen. However, there is no refrigerator.

Formerly, the house was powered by hydro-electric power, but it has not been working for approximately 10 years. At night, the house was lit up by a generator, but even this is not always dependable. A big porch looks out over the orchards and fields and makes a great place to watch the sun set behind the Muchinga Escarpment.

Kalwa Farm is a working farm, with maize and soya beans being the primary cash crops. In addition, cattle, goats, sheep and chickens (both layers and broilers) are raised. Vegetable gardens and fruit orchards are also found throughout the property. Oranges, mangoes, and guavas are grown, in addition to more exotic fruit like peaches, apples, and grapes. A lima of watermelon was planted this year, along with strawberries, green peppers and other vegetables.

Kalwa Farm makes a great place to base yourself for a visit to the nearby Mulembo Falls. Also known as Chipota Falls, it is a beautiful cascade of four levels down the Mulembo River (the same river that passes through Kasanka National Park).

“I biked from the guesthouse to the falls in just over an hour; it is a nice road, although it is a little washed out in places. I’m pretty sure that this could be driven, and it looks like it has been driven a lot in the past. It’s a beautiful ride, through forests and over two rivers. The scenery is great – especially with the Muchinga Escarpment in the background. While you could probably find it on your own, I went with the farm foreman to make sure I didn’t get lost.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Kalwa Farm. The guesthouse is amazing, the people are friendly and welcoming, and the waterfall is worth the trip.”

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