Khanyisa Intsimbi

Khanyisa Intsimbi is an initiative by Mrs Mbeki, the mother of President Thabo Mbeki, and a group of local women at the village of Idutywa. The women are all talented in making traditional garments such as mibaco (Xhosa traditional garment), beadwork and other traditional products.   

The women are also involved in preparing and looking after vegetable gardens in their village. This initiative helps the community by getting its members more involved in growing their own vegetables. Due to this initiative, most homesteads have decided to utilize their yard spaces by turning them into small gardens where they grow vegetables such as spinach, cabbages and other kinds of vegetables.

The president’s mother is very proud of this project because she believes it makes the community take charge of its own destiny. Mrs Mbeki also has a spaza shop at her house, catering for the surrounding and nearby residences. Everyone in the village is very fond of her, because of her insistence on staying with the locals in her village.

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