Khavho Travel and Tourism Services

Khavho Travel and Tourism Services is a tour operator that provides a guiding service to tourists and visitors to the area. They will help with the arrangement of venues for any occasion, eg. sports venues, conferences, etc.

Khavho Travel and Tourism Services is a 100% black women owned business with five years experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. 

Rachel describes her business in her own words:

“I saw an opportunity in the formal tourism industry after catering informally with a church group of young ladies in 2001.  Our first huge catering job was during the launch of the Alexandra Urban Renewal Project in 2001.  We worked as a team from 2001-2003. Other members took different directions early in 2003 to pursue other careers.  As the marketing manager of the group, I had already built a stong client base.  In cognisant of that I received calls from clients requesting quotations. Through those requests I founded Khavho Travel and Tourism Services.”

“Our dedication and determination have led us to high conviction since 2005, and since then I realised a need to train as a tour guide to enhance and grow the business. We sought to add travel and tourism services in our business, whilst providing a full catering service.  It is through professional, prompt, por-active management, sensitivity to our clients needs, excellent customer service and the provision of quality service that has contributed to the growth of the company.”

“Khavho Travel and Tourism Services prides itself as one of the rapidly growing small enterprises in the tourim industry.”


  • School exchange programs;
  • Educational, sporting and shopping tours;
  • Provide weekend break away for business or fun;
  • Events – Year end functions, Conferences, meetings;
  • Teambuilding, workshops, matric dances and accommodation;
  • Surface transportation;
  • Hospitality and entertainment;
  • Driver on call, meet and greet; and
  • Tourism route planning and street furnisher.

Meet our guide at Marlboro Gautrain Station or around Sandton Hotels and Joburg areas free ‘mahala’ All our excursions are tailor-made to suit your needs. Recommended for research purpose or learning about our Culture & Tradition.

Cultural Route – (3 hours) Anytime between 09:00 – 19:00pm:

Take a stroll to ATREK via Far Eastbank AND Tsutsumani Village, 10 minutes walk from Gautrain Station and Jukskei River & Park, donate anything to Ratang Bana meaning ”Love Children” Day Care at East Bank, enter AlexSan Kopano experience, Library, cultural Dance at Lobby & ENS PRO-BONO services Entrepreneurship Centre, Mandela’s Yard, Heritate Centre & Anglican church.

Dine & chill at Wanda, Neh, Alcari or Dine Maloke’s Restaurant & Jazz Club with a qualified Alex guide.

Lifestyle Route – (3,5 hours) Anytime between 18:00 – 23:00:

(Prior booking necessary)

‘Chesanyama’ (barbeque) at Joe’s Butchery, Umqombothi (African beer) at a local shebeen, Heritage Corner ka Sunday, Ko Stupung ka Monday

Enjoy local jazz session at Maloke’s Jazz Club.

Historical Route – (4,5 hours) Anytime from 09:00 – 19h00:

Places to visit:

  • OR Tambo Community Centre – Old Alex Liaison Committee Centre;
  • AHC (1916) and Old Missionary school;
  • Kings- old movie house, Build in early 1940’s Old Hostel- known as immigrant single sex dwelling;
  • R.C.A (Reconstruction Area) Hints of political violence, Xenophobia and Squatter Settlement;
  • Drive past old age home to Thusong Youth Centre;
  • Take view of Mandela’s Room when he was a Tenant in 1940’s – No access;
  • Drive to Far Eastbank via , Ext 7 and 8 RDP houses;  and
  • Back to the bustling Pan Africa, where you will experience ALEX’s hectic economic Hub-Alex Mall.

Alexandra Township is situated north of Johannesburg in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The region lies 26º south and 28º east on the global map. Alexandra is only five minutes from Sandton, where the 1999 All Africa Games Athletes Village, 2002 The World Summit on Sustainable Development, 2010 World Cup- Football for Hope was held.

The icons of Alexandra:

During the 100 years of its history, Alexandra has been home to many well-known South African figures, including sports personalities, artists and those who, at some stage in their lives, held public office, figures include the former State President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and the first lady Zanele Mbeki. The late Joe Modise, who was the Minister of Defence from 1994 to 1999, and the late Alfred Nzo, who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Other icons include musicians such as Huge Masekela, Zakes Nkosi, Simon Mahlathini Nkabinde, Caiphus Semenya, The Dark City Sisters and many others who once called Alexandra their home. Sports personalities include well-known boxers such as Bra Jason Radebe, Theo ‘Black Panther’ Mthembu and the soccer legends, Irvin Khoza, Isaac Chirwa, Brian Baloyi and ‘L professor; Sylvester Ndaba.

Joe’s Butchery, Ko’Stupung ka Monday, Maloke’s B&B and Jazz Club, Alcari Pub & Restaurant are hotspots found in Alexandra Township. These are within 800m away from Mandela’s Room and The Heritage or Interpretation Centre as it’s known.

Places to see and visit:

  • Roman Catholic Church Precinct–the old St Hubert’s Church is a beautiful, serene building amongst a lively district filled with shops and beer taverns;
  • Kings Precinct – which has an early cinema that captures the style of the 1950’s used to bring Alex together at night;
  • The Mandela Yard Precinct – a narrow alleyway between tightly packed houses leads to the room where former president Nelson Mandela once lived in 1940’s when he was a young lawyer AND Anglican Church Centre;
  • Madala and Nobuhle hostels- two giant, haunting hostel designed by the apartheid authorities to house male migrant workers; women’s hostel where females are still located;
  • Thusong Youth Centre and AlexSan Community Centres- have been initiated to empower the Alex community on these premises by improving youth and entrepreneurs’ skills through flagship programmes;
  • The 1999 All Africa Village (Tsutsumani Village), (ATREK) Far East Bank all new RDP housing settlement developed by Alex Urban Project and our local Gautrain Station aimed at giving Alexandra Township a facelift. Sports & Recreation are thriving; Cricket, Baseball, Athletics, basket ball, the oldies aerobics and dance;
  • Atrek Sports facility and the cemetery precinct – where political activists such as Moses Kotane, Thoko Mngoma and Vincent Tshabalala are buried.

Township etiquette – Do’s and don’ts:

  • Do treat all residents with respect and dignity;
  • Don’t ask too many probing questions which might offend people;
  • Do ask for permission before taking photographs;
  • Don’t go into the townships without an accredited tour guide;
  • Don’t leave the tour group and wander around on your own;
  • Don’t wear too many jewellery items and carry your camera in a shoulder bag;
  • Don’t carry large sums of money with you;
  • Do ask your tour guide to clarify any questions you might have; and
  • Don’t hand out money – rather make a donation to a charity where your money will be put to good use.
  • Otherwise, do enjoy yourself and have fun with the locals.
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