Kraaibosch Trails

Lettie, her husband and children will take you on a walk through the forest – looking at indigenous trees, talking about natural medicines. 

Lettie was born in Kraaibosch and grew up here, so knows a great deal about the local history and natural resources.  Lettie offers two-hour walks or a half-day tour, with a picnic in the forest. Bird-watching is a highlight – listen to the sounds of the birds and see the Knysna Loerie (if you’re lucky!). You may see baboons, bushbuck, duikers, wild pigs and porcupines (most often seen in the early evening). On the rare occasion, leopards have been spotted in the area. 

 It is also possible to do a village walk to see the vegetable gardens, goats, horses, cows and learn a little about the history of the village and the culture of the people. Hear about the struggle that Lettie’s family had to keep their land.

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