Kuyasa Horizon Empowerment

The Essence of Kuyasa:

Kuyasa ‘s mission is to empower children and youth of previously disadvantaged communities to become independant while embracing Christian values.  The dream is that they will lead and empower others to follow the same set of values.

Kuyasa is using a system of six separate levels of support and filtering to sift the youth of their community. As they educate, empower and equip they desire to move a select group forward thus giving them a greater opportunity to develop into leaders that will in turn develop other leaders.

  • Level 1 – Emergency Relief & Crisis Care
  • Level 2 – Educational & Spiritual Capacity Building
  • Level 3 – Sifting & Testing Leaders
  • Level 4 – Investing Further in Leaders
  • Level 5 – Further Tertiary Training
  • Level 6 – Established Christian Leaders Giving Back to the Community.

Arts Programmes:

  • Kuyasa Performing Arts  Kuyasa Kids;
  • Kuyasa Worship Band;
  • Kuyasa Drama;
  • Visual Arts; and
  • Film Projects.

Youth Programmes:

  • Youth Alive;
  • Adventure Programmes;
  • Children’s Prayer Group;
  • Sharing Views Team; and
  • Hats and Glasses.

Social Programmes:

  • Feeding scheme;
  • A hot meal is provided daily for approximately 250 children 5 days a week at the Kuyasa Centre;
  • Safe Houses-Kayamandi Youth Campus; and
  • These houses are a place of safety for abused and homeless teenage girls.

Training Programmes:

  • Pastor Training;
  • Zimela Textile Designing; and
  • Zimela Woodwork training.
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