Luvhola Cultural Village

This attraction based on authentic VhaVenda culture at Elim offers:

  • Special cultural evening: A 5-hour traditional feast to have fun and learn about rural cultural styles of villages around the Soutpanberg. Traditional dancing with its cultural meaning lifts visitors from their chairs;
  • Story-telling evening: Detailed sacred tales about Lake Fundudzi, Holy Forest, Tshatshingo potholes, Domba dance, Iron Furnace, Lemba customs and more invite you to the land of legends. This is where you enjoy an evening of relaxation, tasting traditional food at a fireplace. The evening will prepare you for a day visit to these sacred sites. The day tour also includes a visit to a traditional Chief’s kraal, or to watch a Domba dance to experience and learn about the Venda cultural lifestyle;
  • Living Museum: A 5-hour tour displaying the lifestyle of former traditional homesteads. The enlightening tour around the homestead involves detailed explanations on various aspects of ancient and modern Venda customs;
  • Enjoy a picnic at a dam view: While feeding your ears with story telling to meet any of your cultural expectations and questions; and
  • A picnic on a mountains rock wall: Stretching your legs after getting a taste of mountaineering. This involves enlightening facts regarding the history and tradition against the backdrop of magnificent views.
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