Malyo Wilderness Camp

Malyo Wilderness Camp nestles on the bank of the Kwando River in one of the permanent channels. Located between permanent water and grass-swept plains, we took pride in our commitment to tread lightly on the Earth – the result is an organic architecture that blends seamlessly with one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Namibia.


We allow all types of tents, but caravans are also welcome. The Mopane Bridge can take up to 4 tons, so no need to worry. Hot showers are available. We do supply some light to the showers and toilets, but discourage the use of generators at night.

Please note: There are no refrigeration facilities.


Malyo Wilderness Camp enforces a catch and release policy and supports the Nwanyi Angling Club.

With myriad fish species, including the fine-toothed Squeaker, African Pike, Infamous Tiger and Nembwe, angling from Malyo’s powerboat is an enjoyfull excursion!

Malyo Wilderness Camp is surrounded by an abundant array of wildlife throughout the year leaving guests enchanted by the changing moods of the Kwando River with it’s channels, lagoons, shallow wetlands and floodplains. Between the 400 birds pecies recorded in this area of the Kwando, the 35 large fauna species and multiple small species, as well as the interesting and unique flora in this region, Malyo Rest Camp is the perfect spot to experience the Kwando Region of the Caprivi.

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