Mason Wasp Studio

Masonwasp Studio does arts and crafts – “paintings relating to the Baviaanskloof, but not actually tourist paintings……genuine artworks!” Interesting articles include recycled boxes and bottles made from recycled materials and the gum from the indigenous Acacia tree. There are beautifully created mats made out of sisal – hand knotted and in original white/ecru colour. There is a cob house built out of indigenous materials from this area, as well as permaculture gardens. Lois is the gardener, and also makes her own herbal teas – a favourite for relaxing being a blend of lavender, rosemary and mint. Her love of cats is evident – at any time there are about 10 cats throughout the house. Lois is also an astrologer and on request will do a birth chart for visitors.

Lois’s story in her own words:

“Seven years ago I re-located to the Baviaanskloof; my house is 80km from the nearest town which is Willowmore. My intention and desire was NOT to be the one that leaves a footprint of plastic and polystyrene in my wake and I therefore sought ways to deal with my ‘garbage’ through recycling; ‘Textures of Africa’ was born. I use waste plastic, cardboard boxes and bottles to create interesting articles, and I am constantly thinking up new ideas. Renaissance Magazine has very kindly donated their outdated copies to the project. ‘Textures of Africa’ is also aimed at including the local, indigenous people, empowering them to bring about a creative home economy and an anti-litter awareness.”

Through the project Lois aims to share her ideas and information regarding recycling waste products in a creative manner. Becoming aware of one’s waste products is a positive and essential step towards healing the Earth.  

Products for sale:

  • Hand-knotted sisal mats and hanging containers;
  • Hand-painted cloths and paintings; and
  • Recycled boxes with herbal teas.

Visitors are also welcome to come and view the cobhouse with permaculture, self-sustaining gardens.

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