Mc Vitt Cultural Village

This is a cultural village in the making, with a rich heritage of previous communities that lived on the mountain. The community offers Unie Venda musical instrument performances with indigenous instruments, offering the experience of a Venda cultural home. The community also exhibits arts and cultural artefacts.

There is a heritage site dated as here dating back to as early as the 16th century and only discovered in 2003 by a man walking in the forest. Ruins of where a communal gathering place used to be, remnants of graves and where homes used to be, with pathways in and out of the forest reveals that a community once used to live in this forest. Visitors are welcome to view the ruins, where they will see mysterious forms in the rocks and trees, as if the forest carries secrets. See faces and animals in the rocks and trees, while enjoying the natural scenery and fresh air of the forest.

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