Methealth Namibia

Methealth Namibia Administrators (Pty) Ltd is an independent Namibian company with the purpose to provide administration and managed health care services to Medical Aid Funds in Namibia.

Methealth Namibia Administrators’ current clients include:

  • Namibia Medical Care Medical Aid Fund (NMC)
  • Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS)
  • Bankmed Namibia Medical Aid Fund.

Methealth Namibia Administrators is a leader in computer technology in the field of Health Care and operates with:

  • A full Medical Aid Administration System;
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facilities for Service providers;
  • Clearing House Facilities;
  • Financial Management System;
  • Management Information Systems (MIS);
  • Intranet for Health Professionals;
  • An Internet website.

Methealth Namibia Administrators strives to attain to the following standards in customer care:

  • An enthusiastic attitude;
  • Proactive service;
  • Effective communication;
  • Willingness to improve own capabilities;
  • Efficient customer care.

Methealth Namibia Administrators is an autonomous Namibian Company that operates independently, Health Care to companies and individuals that require their services.






























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