Mokgatsana Melting Pot Project

This project makes and sells three legged pots and other aluminium pots for use on fires (like flat ones for making bread). The project offers different sizes, 0, ½ , 2, 3, 4, 6, 14. Big pots are also made for celebratory occasions.

The project started as a means for earning an extra income.

Josephine demonstrated and explained how they make pots:

  • Using old pots as moulds (cut in half);
  • Place the old pot inside the frame and fill with clammy sand;
  • Stamp the sand so that it’s compact;
  • This process continues until the sand is level, then adding another frame and more sand;
  • Turn over and remove the top frame, making holes on the side for legs;
  • Taking out the mould/old pot and making lines in the right places;
  • There are now spaces for the aluminium to trickle down;
  • Placing the top level on the top again and making a hole, pour the aluminium to trickle down;
  • Then bake it in an outside ‘oven‘ made of an old drum, placing a second one on top.
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