Museum Transgariep

Museum Transgariep is a cultural history museum specialising in the local history of the area. Distillation of Witblitz takes place once a year at the Witblitz Festival – this is the only provincial museum in the country to have a working still. The museum is also the distribution point for Philippolis Witblitz as it cannot be purchased anywhere else.

The museum also houses a unique collection of items made by local women in the spinning and weaving school that was established by Emily Hobhouse in 1904; displays about Adam Kok II and III and the Griqua culture; and features about the London Mission Society. In the shed behind the museum is a perdemeul – a mill that ground flour by using horses, mules or donkeys to turn a large wheel, which then turned a grinding stone. This is the only museum in the Free State to house this interesting item.

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