Ntinga OR Tambo Development Agency

OR Tambo District Municipality, which encompasses the area in which many of the towns on this route are located, is renowned for its unspoilt and beautiful coastline. However, very little is known or has been told of its rich political and cultural heritage. Two of the most outstanding heroes of the struggle against apartheid, former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and former chairperson of the ANC, OR Tambo, were born and brought up in this region.

OR Tambo District area is also characterized by rich cultural diversity. It is here that a number of Nguni cultural groups are found, including Amampondo, Amampondomise, and Abathembu. The diversity of these cultural groups is better known by their traditional performances, attire, and ceremonies, and craft products from the region have already made their mark nationally. It is for this reason that OR Tambo District Municipality decided to focus on the development and promotion of cultural tourism, hence the establishment of Ntinga OR Tambo Development Agency to achieve this. Click here to view the photo gallery of some products of which the agency helped to enhance the quality.

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